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August 30 - September 10

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Top 5 Classroom Participation
Overlock K 100%
Madanat 3 96%
Felton 1 96%
Zaino 3 92%
De Genova 1/2 92%

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Our Eagle Family Supporters
Lauren and Katie Glasser
The Christian Family
The Fila Family
The Hughes Family
The Jackson Family
The Maggiore Family
The Masterson Family
The Robinson Family
The Singleton Family
The van ert Family
The Young Family

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The EEF @ OPE relies on our tremendous volunteers to assist in our fundraising efforts.



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Our Charter.

EEF at OPE is the fundraising arm of Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School. The foundation is a chapter of the greater Encinitas Educational Foundation that was created to supplement the district's budget to ensure our kids receive the best possible education regardless of how our schools are funded. As it stands, a considerable amount of our school's budget is funded by parents and the community. The old-fashioned "the state-pays-for-everything" public school has disappeared in California. This means that parents, extended family members, business partners and other community members fund the education our children receive here at OPE. Nearly half of California school districts have created foundations to provide additional funding for their schools and our district and school are no exception in this area.